When Your Life Seems Slow and Boring

When Your Life Seems Slow and Boring

Those moments we feel stuck

There are times in your life that you feel everything is just plain boring. You have set goals and you are committed to working on them daily but the excitement is slowly fading away or has disappeared completely.
 The problem here is not the goals or your commitment but you don’t see any significant progress in a while. It can be disheartening and your desire to give up is getting much stronger with time.

You know what you’re doing is leading you somewhere great but you just want some positive feedback that you are not wasting your time. 
 Many times I’ve come to that point where I think I’m moving two steps forward and taking ten steps backward. At such times, I feel like going away to some quiet place alone with me and my thoughts. I want to throw off the weight and just be free.
 On my WhatsApp status, I post a gratitude note on what I’m happy and grateful for on a daily basis. Almost two months ago, I started a 150-day gratitude challenge with my wife and I have a few friends who post with me too.

Today is Day 50 / 150 and one of my friends told me she almost wanted to stop posting. I asked her why and what happened. She initially said ‘nothing’, but I knew something was wrong.

I made her understand it was normal to feel that way sometimes and gave her some of my own experience of such moments. She then opened up and said life has not been easy and she’s hurting too. I cheered her up and told her not to give up. It’s a phase and sooner or later, she’ll look back and laugh at this very moment. 
 It’s not a bad thing to experience sadness, pain, hurt, or feel stuck and be discouraged by feelings of lack of progress or success. You need to acknowledge them but don’t dwell on them.

It’s part of our human experience to desire more, to want to be more but then it doesn’t always work out as quickly as we want it. The results may be delayed but you just have to keep going forward. 
 If you keep moving forward, you will definitely get there. Never let those feelings keep you stuck in the rut.

Tell yourself you will win no matter how long it takes.
 I hope this little piece inspires you to never ever give up. 
 Have a great day!