Self Confidence in Business

Self Confidence in Business

Learn to be as bold as a Lion

Why is self confidence so important in doing any kind of business ? Self confidence is a common trait of top performers and earners in any field.

You may wonder why some people have more self confidence than others. You may think “How is she so confident ? I guess she was born that way.”.

No, that’s definitely not true.

Regardless of your natural inclinations towards introversion or how low your self-confidence may be at the moment, self confidence can be learned and improved.

How to increase your self confidence

1. Have a clear goal

One proven way to grow your self confidence is to have specific clear cut goals. Don’t set goals that are too broad like “ I want to make a lot of money “. By having a concise vision of what you want like “ I want to make $300, 000 this year “, you will be in an improved position to work toward that goal.

As you set SMART goals, it is possible to track your progress over time. This will make you feel more confident.

2. Keep learning.

Always be learning new things about your business and the industry you operate in. Keep tabs on important seminars and courses that can keep you up-to-date on your industry or make you more knowledgeable. Your clients or customers will notice as your offerings get better over time.

3. Give yourself the permission to fail

Yeah nobody really likes failure (me too ). But to grow personally and in business, you must learn to embrace failure and learn from it.

Henry Ford said,

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Just like a toddler learning to walk, struggles over and over to learn to balance each foot and walk better with each fall, so should you view yourself growing your self confidence daily.

You have to be aware that your mind loves to play tricks on you to keep you in your comfort zones. You must take conscious steps to beat it by deciding to act in spite of the ‘fear’ you feel. When you act you’ll suddenly realize the fear was just nothing but mind tricks.

4. Give others permission to give you feedback

Whether people criticize you constructively or they are outright haters, praise you or boo you, it doesn’t matter. It is their opinion and your response is what makes or breaks you. It’s just feedback.

You job is to objectively look at what has been said and pick out what really needs to be worked on and move ahead.

Whenever you find yourself struggling, make effort to reach out to a person you trust or a mentor. They will help you overcome those feelings of self doubt.

5. Focus on the benefits to the customer

When promoting your business, products or services, always remember that it is always about the benefits to the customer. It is always about the customer.

This realization will make you more confident in your pitch or talks in meetings, networking events and so on. This is the mindset you must always have. It is a real confidence booster.

6. Practice mentally and physically

Ask yourself how you would act in a given scenario. Let’s say you have an upcoming seminar in a few days time, you can ask yourself “What if I am asked to explain the benefits of my business to that huge crowd? “ . How would you react ? Rehearse your response mentally. Then get on your feet and pretend your in that hall and answer the question like you own the venue.

Doing this exercise regularly will help you grow out of your fears and become more confident in talking to a large number of people. You might find that joining and participating at Toastmasters to be of huge benefit to you.

7. Celebrate your tiny wins

Notice your tiny wins and celebrate yourself. No matter how little you think it is, it’s worth giving yourself a pat on the back — it could be in form of taking your favorite drink or going out to a nice place.

Remember that what you focus on grows. Always acknowledge the improvements, always.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Thank you for reading.