Let Go of Your Expectations and Succeed


Let Go of Your Expectations and Succeed

Release that mental burden and run faster to your goals today

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

We have our amazing goals, plans and strategies.

We are so passionate about the end result.

We bask in it the vision of its fulfillment and glory.

But we often stop there.

Why does this happen ? Are we lazy? Are we that incompetent ? I doubt. I think there’s something else at play here.

It’s our expectations. Yes, our expectations are the culprit.

We expect the goal vision or dream to be a success the moment we execute the first time we make our move.

We expect success to be so close that we need not stretch ourselves too much.

We expect that playing within our comfort zones will get us to the places we want to be and when our goals pull us even an inch outside that bubble we subconsciously pull ourselves back and say it’s a foolish adventure or a too wild a goal.

The truth is your new goal is just another comfort zone but the path from your current safe place to the new one is most often rough and very uncomfortable.

Learn to embrace failure as one of the multiple outcomes in the real world. See it as one of the ingredients in your success recipe. It might taste awful alone but it’s still a very useful in making the final dish taste great.

Focus on your execution and keep getting better along the way to your goals.