I Almost Did Not Write Today!

I Almost Did Not Write Today!

Completely tired but I need to keep going

Yesterday was my second worst day in Lagos traffic.

I left the office at 4:30 pm and got home by 10:47pm. That was over 6 whole hours wasted in traffic.

While in traffic, I was feeling a whole lot of pains all over my body and the headaches were getting more painful with every passing minute.

It was a real struggle to get a bike or bus at any bus stop as there were a lot of people waiting. I’ve not seen such great multitude in a long while.

The transport workers, bus drivers and bike riders, took advantage of the situation to triple and even 10X their rates and it was only those who had such amount to pay that could get on the vehicles to get home. Others had to keep standing stranded and hoping to get a fair price.
 I had to literally beg a bike rider to accept 4 times the normal rate to get me to my destination. All the while the malaria symptoms were getting stronger.

Immediately I got to second to last bus stop, I went into a pharmacy to get anti-malarial drugs. Luckily, I found a restaurant still open at around 9:42pm, I ordered some food. I ate and took the drugs. 
 It took me almost another hour to finally get to my house. I was so weak and stressed out. I dropped my laptop bag, changed my clothes and lay down on my bed. My wife had to literally beg me to go and take my bath — I was completely exhausted. After some minutes, I managed to get on my feet and go take a cold shower.
 I slept shortly afterwards and woke up this morning feeling terrible. I almost did not write today as I was feeling sick with pains all over but I want to keep my streak going. I took breakfast and my morning dosage and slept back.

At about 1pm today, I started feeling better and went to take my shower. I slept some more and now I’m writing this piece.

Despite everything that happened, I’m happy and grateful to be alive to write again today.