How I Got to 11th spot on Top 100 Nigeria Blogs on Feedspot

How I Got to 11th spot on Top 100 Nigeria Blogs on Feedspot

It’s a whole new level. Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash

I can’t tell you how much excited I am about getting to be listed among the top 100 Nigeria blogs to follow on Feedspot. I feel so great about it.

But most importantly, I want to share my story of how I got picked and I hope it inspires you to keep writing consistently.

I started taking my writing seriously just last month, September 12th precisely. I wrote for about 19 days straight or so.

All the while I was just testing myself to see if I could keep up with the discipline of a professional writer despite my day job ( over 70 hour work week).

I was happy I did it. I could make something out the little time left after the exhausting hours at my job.

I then decided to try my hands on paid writing gigs to see if I would be able to monetize it successfully.

I signed up on Upwork and same day I sent out 4 proposals. Only one of the clients replied that day and I got the gig.

It was a review writing work. I quickly did it very well. The client was happy and gave me a 5-star review.

The gig was a $5 gig. Upwork took $1 and put $4 in my account. It will be there till I get at least $100 before Upwork will send the money to my Paypal account.

Again, I enjoyed another bit of success.

But there was a problem. The problem of scaling quickly.

How long will it take me to scale it to a full time income if I keep getting these low paying gigs ? For how much work really ? The math just didn’t work out for me.

After doing some further research, I quit Upwork.

Upwork is not designed to maximize the potentials of very good writers or freelancers. It’s good to get some quick freelancing experience but it’s mostly a race to the bottom.

Clients are encouraged to pay pennies for quality work like they are mere commodities. It’s sad. 
 I started looking for better ways that will pay a reasonable amount for a good job done. I’ve found a few and still taking my notes. I should start implementing my findings soon.

As part of my efforts to gain more experience and visibility, I submitted my blog on Feedspot and literally forgot about it. I never expected my blog to be listed as there were many other bigger sites there.

While doing researching during week, I got a mail that my Medium blog was picked up by FeedSpot and ranked 11th among the Top 100 Nigerian blogs to follow.

I was super duper excited about the news.

As I was still basking in that excitement, Dan Martell, a serial entrepreneur, also shared one of my articles on Twitter and reached out to me to see more of my works. I was totally awed by the experience. It felt like a dream for something I never took seriously till last month.

For me, it means I have a lot more potentials to develop if I consistently put my mind and effort to doing this writing business. I want to make writing my source of online full-time income and I’m working hard to make it a reality soon.

Yesterday, I decided on my niche and the type of content that I enjoy writing most that will give real value to my clients. I picked the tech business niche and long form blog post style.

With this focus, I can help clients create detailed, helpful content that will drive their customers to their products and most importantly, encourage them to tell others about the products.

I also discovered I can also write email sequences, sales funnels and case studies for my clients and get paid well for it. It’s far more useful than picking up crumbs on Upwork or similar sites
 None of these things would have happened if I didn’t start writing and stayed consistent with it. I expect that in a few months from now I would be able to achieve my goal of being a digital nomad while contributing great value to the world. 
 Keep writing. Stay consistent and let the magic of giving out value happen to you.