A More Effective Way To Introduce Yourself

A More Effective Way To Introduce Yourself

Hello, I’m Mike, What do you do ?

A lot of times when we meet new people at social gatherings or meet-ups, the common question we often ask or get asked is this:

“What do you do ? “

And we often reply the following :

“I am a/an <your job title here> at <your company name here>”.

That’s the usual boring, formal response we give back.😣 There’s a better way and I’ll share with you in this post.

Just as I was looking to better ways to sell myself better and meet new people, I came across this video on YouTube that opened my eyes to a much better response style that could spark more interesting, meaningful and valuable conversations.

When asked “What do you do ? “, DON’T think of your job title and your company or business and rattle off a quick answer. Think of the BENEFITS you bring to people by what you do and respond in a more interesting way.

So instead of the regular “I’m a Software Engineer at Google.” , you say “ I help make Google search results more relevant to people.” Or “ I make it easier for people to find better recommended videos on YouTube on their subject of interest.”

Instead of “I’m a Data Analyst at Amazon”, you say “ I help Amazon reduce operational and logistics costs by analyzing their logistics data. “.

I believe you now get the point.😏

The second response is waaaay better and the fellow you are talking to can learn from your response, ask for more information, begin to look for how what you do can help him/her or their friends, etc. You open a whole new world of opportunities.

Another important side benefit of this style of response is that it helps you build a better, clearer image of yourself and grows your confidence.

My advise to you (and myself) is to practice this way of introduction regularly and see how quickly you have more engaged connections with people.

Have a wonderful day, Pals.👋🏻

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